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How the Patinaje Ardiente competition works

The Patinaje Ardiente Competition presents itself as an exciting initiative aimed at promoting inline skating and exploring the iconic landmarks of Barcelona through an incredibly innovative approach. This event consists of an individual inline skating competition in which all participants start from the same point, and the playing field encompasses a specific district of Barcelona. Each district houses a series of emblematic points, known as “hot spots”. Upon beginning the competition, competitors head to the designated hot spot, which is valid for scoring during a 20-minute interval. The main objective is to reach the hot spot and capture a selfie in the shortest possible time, thus accumulating the maximum amount of points.

Once the 20 minutes have passed, another point becomes active, also during the same time span. This process is sequentially repeated until a total of 5 hot spots have been addressed. The competition extends over a period of 100 minutes, and the individual scores of each participant are composed of the sum of the points obtained at each of the 5 hot spots.

It’s important to emphasize that, after taking a selfie at a hot spot, there’s no need to stay there. Instead, it’s recommended to strategically position yourself near the next hot spot that you believe will activate. It’s crucial to consider that hot spots closer to the last activated one have a higher likelihood of activation compared to those farther away. Lastly, it’s good to know that once a hot spot has been active, it won’t reactivate during the course of the event.

This thrilling competition takes place every Sunday in different districts of Barcelona, at 6:00 p.m. Since the city has a total of 10 districts, the competition spans a period of 10 weeks, equivalent to 2 and a half months. At the end of each session in a particular district, the winner is honoured with a commemorative diploma. Furthermore, upon concluding the season, which encompasses participation in all 10 districts of Barcelona, a special prize is awarded to the overall winner of the competition.

Likewise, participants’ regular attendance is acknowledged, as a prize is granted through a drawing, incentivizing consistent participation in the various competitions throughout the season. The Patinaje Ardiente Competition represents a unique opportunity to blend sport, exploration, and fun in the captivating city of Barcelona.

How do I sign up for the competition?

To take part in this thrilling competition, the registration process is incredibly simple. Interested individuals just need to send a message to the Instagram account @patinajeardiente or alternatively, send an email to the address patinajeardiente@gmail.com with the simple phrase “I want to participate in the competition.” Swiftly, we will get in touch with you to guide and complete the registration process.

I’m feeling unsure, I’ve just started inline skating and…

Don’t worry! Even though the Patinaje Ardiente competition is designed for all skill levels, we have all started from scratch at some point and have gone through that stage of insecurity and lack of confidence. If you feel that it’s not yet your time to participate and that you should wait for the next season, you’re in luck, as on this same website, there is an Online Skating Course specially designed for you!

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